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We participate in a project to educate and train new experts in the field of security.

In the cooperation with the Secondary Vocational School of Technology and Services in Nitra, PROTECTUS has been running a dual education project in the field of protection of people and property (9245 M — Protection of People and Property) since 2019.

It is a 4-year study program for those who are interested in working for security forces or various commercial and private sector companies providing protection of people and property.

The study program consists of subjects in the field of criminal and administrative law, basics of criminology and interventions against offenders, economics, legislation, psychology and special physical education, theory of protection of people and property, study of weapons and ammunition, as well as technical and practical management of safety tools used for the protection of properties.

One part of the study program takes place in the school premises on Cintorinska street 4 in Nitra. A practical part is held under the direct guidance of our employee in contractually agreed premises.

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