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Anti-Drone System

An anti-drone system is a technical solution providing protection of facilities against unmanned aircraft, i.e. drones.

Antidronová ochrana

As the number of drones is increasing, the risk of their malicous use for espionage, infiltration, sabotage, smuggling, or terrorism is increasing as well.

PROTECTUS has been fully licensed to provide technical services in the field of security since 2006. Our services also include design, system specification, installation, service and maintenance of of anti-drone systems.

We provide a solution proposal, consultations, implementation of the system, training and management of the anti-drone system.

The system operates in the 10.5-10.6GHz unlicensed band (in accordance with the EN 30 0440 standard) with low power of 0.5W which is harmless to the human body. It is not affected by weather, light conditions or noise.

We recommend to combine the anti-drone system with a camera system or PTZ cameras that automatically follow detected target.

The anti-drone system can be installed as fixed or mobile solution (for temporary facilities). It is suitable for airports, prisons, border control, electrical substations, power plants, oil and gas facilities, military facilities, dams and water reservoirs, residential areas, farms, data centers, as well as public and sporting events.

If you are interested in the anti-drone system, contact us for more information and a price quote.

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