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Thermal Imaging System

With the spread of COVID-19, we have expanded our range of services with a thermal imaging system. Thermal cameras can measure the body temperature of people entering a protected area, and thus detect potential carriers of the infection.


As a long-term provider of technical security services, PROTECTUS offers a comprehensive system to detect the body temperature of people entering facilities and interior areas and identify potential carriers of the infection.

Thanks to the variability of the solution, our clients can choose from several types of thermal imaging cameras, e.g. a simple handheld thermal camera with temperature detection up to 1 meter, or more sophisticated solutions with face detection up to 7 meters equipped with recording device, a reference temperature sensor, or software enabling temperature measurement based on the face detection, face mask detection or detection of people with elevated temperature. Each solution can be customized directly to the client's needs and requirements.

If you are interested in the thermal imaging system, contact us for more information and a price quote.

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