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Access Control System

An access control system, or an Access System, controls or restricts access of authorized persons to designated areas at certain time. This prevents unauthorized entry into areas with an increased risk of injury, damage to health, or disclosure of sensitive information.

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PROTECTUS has been fully licensed to provide technical services in the field of security since 2006. Our services also include design, system specification, installation, service and maintenance of access control systems.

An access control system allows authorized persons to access designated areas. Identification of persons is performed by identification media (contactless cards or key tags), biometric identification (fingerprints or retinal scanners), or by entering an access code.

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The access control system can control terminals, gates, locks, barriers, turnstiles, carousels, road blockers, safety posts and elevators. The access control system is often combined with an attendance system which registers employees' attendance for payroll processing. The access system can be designed and adjusted to the needs of a company of any size.

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