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Attendance System

An attendance system is used for electronic registration of attendance and movement of employees during working hours and preparation of attendance data for payroll processing. To increase the security, the attendance system is often combined with an access control system.

Dochádzkový systém

PROTECTUS has been fully licensed to provide technical services in the field of security since 2006. Our services also include design, system specification, installation, service and maintenance of attendance systems and access control systems.

The main advantage of an attendance system is the automation of attendance registration processes and related reduction of errors in the data processing. Thanks to a simple registration process using identification media, the attendance system significantly increases employee's discipline when registering their attendance and overtime hours.

Dochádzkový systém

The attendance system can be combined with an access control system which controls and restricts employees' access to individual parts of the company at certain time.

The attendance system consists of several technical devices. The main parts include attendance and access terminals, gates, locks, barriers, turnstiles, information kiosks, biometric sensors (fingerprints or retinal scanners) and identification media (contactless cards or key tags).

All attendance and access data are recorded to an attendance software which provides a wide range of options for managing, reporting and exporting the data for payroll processing. If needed, attendance and access control systems can be connected to an integrated security system.

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