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Electronic Security System

An electronic security system is a technical solution to detect intrusion into a facility. When a security breach is detected, the security system alerts relevant persons, or our Central Monitoring Station.

Elektrický zabezpečovací systém

PROTECTUS has been fully licensed to provide technical services in the field of security since 2006 and offers complex solutions for electronic security systems, including design, system specification, installation, service and maintenance.

An electronic security system is suitable for all customers, companies and individuals who want to increase security of their property.

When designing and implementing a new electronic security system, we combine several technologies — magnetic door sensors, glass break detectors, passive infrared sensors to detect human movements, smoke detectors and gas leak detectors. In order to be able to identify the cause of alarm immediately, the system should be combined with a security camera system, or connected to our Central Monitoring Station.

Elektrický zabezpečovací systém

Ideally, implementation of electronic security systems should be included in the design phase of a building, but wireless technology and high-capacity batteries enable us to implement security systems in already existing buildings without any major modifications.

If you are interested in the electronic security system, contact us for more information and a price quote.

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