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Central Monitoring Station

Our Central Monitoring Station and its Video Desk ensure continuous monitoring of our clients' facilities and their protection and security — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once the alarm is triggered, the Central Monitoring Station staff checks the reason of the violation and sends a security intervention unit to secure the building as agreed.

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PROTECTUS has been operating a Central Monitoring Station since 2006, and we are currently monitoring hundreds of facilities. Our Central Monitoring Station services are widely used not only by companies but also by individuals.

Our Central Monitoring Station can be connected to electronic security systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, perimeter intrusion detection systems or integrated security systems. It enables us to identify alarms coming from multiple sources — in the event of sabotage, perimeter intrusion, fire, power outage, damage to the transmission or other monitoring device.

Pult centrálnej ochrany

Communication between the facility and our Central Monitoring Station can be secured through the landline, the Internet connection or via the GSM/GPRS signal. We recommend a combination of more communication channels to get full signal coverage.

We follow the strictest security measures, work procedures and security rules. The premises of our Central Monitoring Station are constantly monitored, and all camera recordings, including the recordings of monitored facilities, are archived to ensure maximum security of all parties.

Our Central Monitoring Station staff includes a security intervention unit (usually two armed security guards) promptly responding to various types of alarm. Specific procedures and the scope of services are agreed in advance based on a client's requirements. Thanks to many years of experience and technical equipment, PROTECTUS is able to provide services of the Central Monitoring Station and its intervention unit throughout the whole country.

If you are interested in the services of our Central Monitoring Station, contact us for more information and a price quote.

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