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Voice Alarm System

A voice alarm system ensures orderly and quick evacuation of people in case of an emergency by broadcasting voice evacuation messages.

PROTECTUS has been fully licensed to provide technical services in the field of security since 2006 and offers complex solutions for voice alarm systems, including design and system specification, installation, warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance.

Voice alarms are certified devices ensuring early evacuation of people from a building in the event of an emergency by broadcasting voice evacuation messages that can be recorded in various languages.

The voice alarm system is always connected to a fire alarm system. When the fire alarm is triggered in the event of fire (e.g. by pressing a fire alarm button), the voice alarm starts broadcasting pre-recorded voice alarm messages.

The system can also be used for broadcasting various company announcements, advertisements or background music.

If you are interested in the voice fire alarm systems for your building, contact us for more information and a price quote.

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