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Physical Security of People and Property

Physical security prevents unauthorized people from entering guarded buildings and facilities, and protects personnel and property from damage or harm.

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Physical security of facilities is one of the first activities PROTECTUS has been providing since it was established in 1998. Nowadays, more than a thousand qualified employees perform physical security services for our clients.

Physical security services include guarding of our clients' property, such as shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, commercial premises and facilities of special importance.

Guarding of property involves static and patrolling activities that can be combined with the use of electronic security systems, CCTV systems and our Central Monitoring Station. We also provide security guarding for public events (weddings, concerts, social events).

Besides the standard guarding, our employees also carry out identification of persons and registration of vehicles entering the premises. The scope, duration and type of the physical security services depend on every customer's individual needs.

If you are interested in the physical security of people and property, contact us to get more information and a price quote.

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